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Wine Facts

Top Three Wine Trends for 2023 That You Must Know About

We've put together a list of the top three trends in wine for 2023 - and BOXT has a wine for each of them.

Thanksgiving Wine and Food Pairings

We've put together incredible Thanksgiving food and wine pairings for each of our wines and their similar varietals - both main courses and the sides.

Lightstrike: How Sunlight Could be Damaging Your Wine

If you've ever noticed, wine cellars and wine refrigerators are dark, cool places - and this is for good reason. Sunlight can damage your wine.

What is Clean Wine?

What is clean wine? In short, clean wine doesn't have any additives. 

What is Vegan Wine?

It seems obvious – wines are vegan, right? Well, maybe and maybe not. WAIT. WHAT? Winemakers often use fining agents to help stabilize and clarify a wine, sometimes those agents are vegan, and sometimes they're not. At BOXT they always are.   

Why Do We Get Red Wine Headaches? It's not the sulfites.

Why do we get that awful red wine headache after just a few sips? Here are a few reasons and how to avoid it in the future.   

Why Pinot Noir is so Popular

People love pinot because it tastes great on its own and with nearly every food. But there's more to this red than meets the eye.

How to Describe Wine: 25 Wine Terms Everyone Should Know

We would be remiss if we didn’t create a list of great wine terms that are simple and help you describe what you like in a wine.

What’s a Rosé Anyway?

What is a rosé wine anyway and how is it made? Our rosé is made entirely from pinot noir grapes in a direct press method, but we'll get into all of that.

What is Natural Wine Anyway, and is it Drinkable?

What is natural wine anyway? It's not as new as you think.

Profile Four: How Varietals Differ from Taste Profiles and Where We Talk About Pinot Noir, Barbera and Pais

At BOXT we blend our wines based on creating a wine that tastes and feels the way you want it to, not on varietals alone.

Profile Four Five: How Varietals Differ from Blending wine for Taste Profiles and Where We Talk about Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Malbec

Single varietals are subject to everything and anything that happens to the grapes during the year before harvest.
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