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DIY Upcycled flower boxes

Upcycled flower boxes - an outdoor crafting project to help teach kids about the cycles of the sun, the earth's orbit and caring for our resources.

Homemade Beef Broth Recipe

This homemade beef broth recipe is just as easy to make as chicken, but it's more complex, with a richer taste profile and is used in heavier dishes like French onion soup. 

Chicken Stock Recipe

It's easy to make a simple, rich and fabulous homemade chicken stock recipe.

Why Boxed Wine is Better for the Environment

Boxed wine is better for the environment, plain and simple. We dig into why.

Wine Blending and the Art of BOXT

Wine blends are the most popular wines in the US, but what is blended wine? We'll break it down for you.

How to Set Up Your BOXT Tap

Setting up your BOXT tap is as easy and 1, 2, 3. We'll show you how.

The Art of Giving and How to Give the Best Gifts

We all want to be that person who gives the perfect gift, so here's our take on how to give the best gifts.

DIY Birdhouse: Upcycle Your BOXT Into a Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse: Upcycle Your BOXT Into a Birdhouse

BOXTIFY Your Playlists: Wine and Spotify playlist pairings

BOXTIFY Your Playlists: Wine and Spotify playlist pairings

100% Premium. 0% Snob.

We believe in simplifying fine wine and in drinking what you like, not what everyone else likes. 


As communities around Austin deal with ongoing power outages and lack of running water, two local businesses, Inn Cahoots and BOXT, are coming together to offer hot showers and a relaxing glass of wine to help ease the stress and pressure of this past week. 
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