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From how we make our wines, to our 100% happiness guarantee and our Ambassador program - our FAQ's tell you everything you need to know about our premium wines, handcrafted at our winery in Napa, and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Our Wines

How many "bottles" are in each box?

Our four-bottle format is 3 litres of wine or the same as four traditional 750ml bottles of wine.

How long does the wine stay fresh?

the wine stays fresh for up to 6 weeks once tapped.

How do you make your wines?

We make the wines ourselves at our state of the art winery in Napa, California. Every great wine starts in the vineyard, so outstanding fruit is the best ingredient, along with french oak and constant care taken in every step by our award winning winemaking team.

Where do you source grapes?

We sustainably source our grapes and juice from all over the world and ensure our growing partners are using the best farming practices.

Who makes your wine?

We do. We are a fully licensed bonded winery in California and Texas with direct to consumer shipping permits to 47 states and U.S. territories. Our winemaker is responsible for the making of all of our wines.

How often do you blend your wines?

Using our taste-first approach, we continuously blend our wines so you know the wine of your choice will be consistent in quality and taste.

Does the taste change when you blend different varieties?

Absolutely! Every variety of grape will impart different characteristics to a wine, along with how we craft them in the winery. For example, we may use certain varieties for aromatic qualities, others for mouthfeel and texture… many red varieties each have their own unique imprint on your palate crafting the structure and shape of a wine in your mouth.

What does a taste-first blending approach mean?

All winemakers start with a vision for each wine they craft and aim to deliver on the taste expectations of those drinking it. We are no different with our approach. “Taste-first” means we have a vision we strive to achieve for each of our wines. Knowing that your house wine must provide a consistent experience month over month, our winemaker sources grapes and juice from our partners with these characteristics in mind. Each time we sit at the blending table, the components for each wine deliver different notes in the glass. These notes can be from the growing region where we source the grapes, fermentation and aging protocols (oak v. stainless vessels, etc) and most important, the natural characteristics from the varietal of grapes blended in each of our eight wine profiles.

Why don’t you have your own vineyards?

We made the decision to not grow our own grapes, but to source them through partners so we had the entire world as our vineyard. This gives us the opportunity to not be restricted by a single plot of land and the uncontrollable environmental conditions that might exist in any given year. We forge incredibly close relationships with our growing partners to ensure the best farming practices and highest quality grapes.

Are your wines organic?

All of the grapes are sustainably farmed using organic farming practices. What limits our wine from being classified as “organic” is that we do use sulfites (a natural by product of the fermentation process) to protect the wine from oxygen.

Are there any additives?

Aside from the sulfites mentioned above, we do not add anything to our wines.

How much sugar is in the wines?

Each wine has 0 grams of residual sugar per serving.

What is the alcohol content of your wines?

The highest alcohol content of our whites and rosé is 12.7% and our reds are under 13.8% alcohol by volume. Generally, we are a few ticks below each percentage.

Do your wines have sulfites?

The natural sulfites in wine are produced in the fermentation process and we do a small addition as well prior to packaging the wine to protect it from oxidation.

Are your wines vegan and keto friendly?

Yes! You may hear winemakers talk about “fining agents”. These are used to clarify whites and rosé wines and pull proteins out of the wine which cause a hazy effect in the glass. Many wineries use egg whites or isinglass (dried fish bladder). We use bentonite, which is a natural clay from the earth in order to keep our wines vegan.

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About Us

How much does a BOXT cost?

If you join our wine club, a single box, including shipping is $69 - that is the same as $17.25 per bottle. If you purchase one time, the cost is $89 per box.

Can I buy without becoming a member?

Yes, you can. We offer the chance to buy a BOXT a-la-carte at $74/BOXT. However, if you think you might buy more than one BOXT this year, our membership pricing is a far better option. You’ll save on each BOXT, shipping, and have full control over your shipping schedule, with the chance to pause or cancel at any time. We’re flexible!

How do I purchase gifts?

Visit our gifting page HERE. You can choose to send an E-Gift Card for $50, $100, $200 or $300, or you can select a BOXT to send, and decide if you want the recipient to receive wine for 1, 2 or 3 months.

Where are you located?

We are made in Austin, but born in Napa. So we’ve got a winery, fulfillment operation, and distribution in both Texas and California.

Where is your winery?

We have two wineries, one in Napa, California and one in Meadow, Texas. We are fully licensed and bonded wineries in both California and Texas.

Is the BOXT really wood?

Yes, our BOXT is made from sustainably sourced pinewood. Whether sitting on your countertop or cooling in the fridge, we want your BOXT to serve as an elegant and delicious decoration in your home.

Who owns BOXT?

BOXT is a privately owned, venture backed, female founded winery. You can learn more about us HERE.


How much does Club Membership cost?

It is free to join our club! All you pay for is your monthly shipment, which is $64/BOXT. And, as a member, shipping is always included!

As a Club member how often do I receive wine?

Our monthly club membership includes one of our eight profile BOXT per month. You can always opt to update your shipping frequency by reaching out to our Concierge team by email at or by Phone or Text at 512.840.9677.

Will there be shipping notifications?

You’ll always be notified of your scheduled shipments prior to billing by email and can make any changes to your account at that time. As always, you can make these changes by logging into your member portal by visiting, or reach out to our Concierge team by email at or by Phone or Text at 512.840.9677.

Can I manage my membership myself?

Yes. You can log into your member portal and change your profile, add additional wine, adjust your upcoming shipping date, redirect your shipment to an alternative location, update billing, and request cancellation.

How do I skip a shipment?

You can either log into your member portal by visiting, or reach out to our Concierge team by email at

How do I change my wine profile?

You can either log into your member portal by visiting, or reach out to our Concierge team by email at or by Phone or Text at 512.840.9677 - we are available to make your BOXT experience seamless.

How do I contact you?

Our Concierge team is ready to roll out the red carpet - simply email us at and a member of our team will be right with you.

Can I send my shipment to an alternate address?

Yes, you can either log into your member portal to update your address, by visiting, or reach out to our Concierge team by email at

How do I order extra wine?

Yes, you can order extra wine anytime or add it to your upcoming shipment by either logging into your member portal by visiting, or reach out to our Concierge team by email at

How long do I have to commit to the club membership?

There is no term commitment when you become a member. Our super flexible club get a monthly shipment, or every other month, pause when you need a break or go on vacation. You can also change your wine profile anytime.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by either logging into your member portal by visiting, or by reaching out to our Concierge team by email at

Everything you need to know

100% happiness guarantee

Ask us anything

Shipping & Delivery

Where do you ship your wines?

We ship wines to every state and Washington D.C except for Utah, Arkansas, Delaware, Rhode Island and Mississippi.

How long after I order will my wine arrive?

To ensure the quality of our wines during transit we ship our wines on Monday and Tuesday. Once in transit your wines will be delivered within 3-4 business days. If you are local to the Austin area, we will reach out to you directly to notify you of your upcoming delivery.

How do I track my package?

Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email from us with your tracking number so you can track your order and manage your delivery.

Can I send my wine to a Fedex location?

Yes, it is a fantastic way to ensure your wine gets received and you can pick it up at your convenience. Fedex gives you 5 days to pick up your package before it is returned.

Does someone have to be home to receive my wine?

Yes, someone over the age of 21+ must be home to sign for this delivery. You can also choose to send it to a Fedex delivery location nearby, or to a business or neighbor you know will have someone available to sign.

Do I have to sign for delivery?

Short answer is yes. Someone over the age of 21+ must sign for this delivery because of the alcohol consumption laws in this country! However it can be anyone in the household 21+, you can choose to send it to a Fedex delivery location nearby, or to a business or neighbor you know will have someone available to sign.

How do I update my shipping address once my order is in transit?

Please reach out to our Concierge team directly by email at or by Phone or Text at 512.840.9677 - we are available to make your BOXT experience seamless.

What do I do if my package has been damaged?

If your BOXT is damaged in transit please reach out to our Concierge team directly by email at or by Phone or Text at 512.840.9677 - we will send a replacement ASAP.

How do you keep the wine fresh during transit?

We ship from two locations to minimize transit times, and deploy a zoned shipping approach. During hotter months we include no-sweat ice packs to ensure safe delivery. After shipping wine for two years, we are confident in our ability to get our wines safely to your door. We also have a 100% happiness guarantee, so if there is ever an issue, we’ll get a new BOXT out to you, no questions asked.

Ambassador & Affiliate

Do I have to be an existing member of BOXT to be an Ambassador?

You do not have to be an existing member nor become one to participate in the Brand Ambassador program. However, the most effective way to promote our brand is by having experienced BOXT firsthand. We want our Brand Ambassadors to be confident when talking about our product, and we’ve found that the best way to do that is by having tried our wines. Plus – you get special partner pricing, so why not become a member!

Do I get a discount on wine, if I become an Ambassador?

Yes!! All Ambassadors receive 15% off personal wine purchases.

Do I need to have experience as a Brand Ambassador to join?

Nope! There's no experience needed, just a love of wine and sharing your authentic stories with your friends, family and followers.

Can I be a Brand Ambassador with other companies once approved to be a BOXT Brand Ambassador?

Absolutely – Why limit yourself to one Brand perk when you can have many. Although, who can beat BOXT on the house!?

How long do you set your cookies to?

Our cookie length is 120 days. This means you can get credit for purchases made within 120 days generated by traffic you sent our way.

Is there a cap on how much wine I can earn?

You will earn $54 BOXT Bucks for every new Member you refer - up to 12 new Members per year. With your Ambassador discount, $54 will cover a BOXT of wine (aka: 4 bottles).

What is a qualifying sale?

A qualifying sale is a new club order that was processed through your Brand Ambassador’s referral link or code.

How often do you pay out commissions (BOXT Bucks)?

We pay commissions once per month in the form of a BOXT Gift Card that is credited to your account.

How can I reach you to learn more about the BOXT Brand Ambassador Program?

You can email us at with any questions.

Random questions

Why does wine give me headaches?

There are three reasons wine can give you a headache:1. You drank too much of it! 2. Many wines are made with added or residual sugar which will give anyone a headache3. It’s not the sulfites or the tannins, but you may have an allergy or sensitivity to histamines. Grape skins and the food we like to eat with wine, so you may get a headache from an overload of histamines.

Why did you decide to put your wine in a box?

We decided to put our wines in a box because our mission is to be your house wine - your go to Tuesday night (or everynight wine). Our wines are crafted to be consumed in the next 12 months versus some wines (that we love) which are crafted to be aged over time. If we were making “aged over time” wines, we’d put them in a bottle. Did you know that 97% of the wines in the world are made to be consumed within the year - and if all of those wines were put in the incredible bag-in-box format, it would be like taking 400,000 cars from the roads each year? We aren’t making boxed wine, we are making premium wines, and putting them in a four-bottle format because it is a smarter, more eco-friendly way to enjoy wine at home. On top of that, when we set out to make available ultra premium wines, we spent a lot of time thinking about the experience of enjoying a glass of wine at home and the problems we came across over and over? Three major things: 1. Picking a bottle at the wine store is like playing a game of bottle roulette, you never know how it will taste or if you’ll even like it. 2. But more important to our four-bottle, on-tap format, if you just want one glass, you don’t have to open a whole bottle and drink more than you want or waste what you don’t drink. And you can enjoy it all month long. But before BOXT, the options were limited if you just wanted a single glass. Traditional boxed wine was not high quality and contained lots of unwanted additives and sugars. 3. The middleman costs the consumer a lot of money. But since we ship BOXT directly to your doorstep (versus being able to buy our wines in a store) we can deliver a more premium wine, without compromising quality.

Are blends inferior to wines that can be called by their varietal, like chardonnay or pinot noir?

Here is the dirty little secret, you’ve been drinking blended wine all along. Wines you think are a single varietal are really blends. In the US, a bottle of wine labeled by its varietal (merlot, zinfandel, pinot gris, etc.) legally only has to contain 75% of the grapes on the label. The other 25% is what the winemaker uses to create the exact taste they want, because most grape varieties get better when you blend them. Exceptions to blending are pinot noir and chardonnay, which aren’t usually blended, unless the winemaker is making champagne. The only time you're not drinking a blended wine is if the label says it's 100% of a single varietal and there are very few wines produced this way.

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