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Your first shipment comes in a gorgeous, reusable wooden BOXT.


Tap in, one glass at a time. Keep your BOXT - your refills will come in our sleek wine tote.


Join the club! Subscribe & save $10. You’ll receive our eco-friendly refills on your schedule. Skip anytime.


As a member of our wine club, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and saving the planet from single-use waste.



From the very start, BOXT has put the environment first. We are part of the solution to climate change and sustainability in the wine industry, and we are proving that there is such a thing as fine wine in a BOXT.

1 BOXT/refill = 4 Bottles

50% Less Carbon Footprint Than A Single Bottle

10x Carbon Efficiency Over Bottles

Compostable And Reusable Packaging

Sustainably, Delivered Refills - Hold Your BOXT And Use It Forever

We Plant A Tree For Every BOXT We Make


We're here to help. Email, DM @drinkboxt, text or call us at 512.840.9677. Whatever works for you. We'll get back to you asap to help out. Check out our FAQs if you need an answer now.


My wine tote refill doesn’t seem like it will fit into the box - what do I do?

A: It will fit, we promise!
Pro tip: Use your hand to guide the bag into the BOXT to make sure the fabric doesn’t get bunched - also, tuck the strap into the side of the BOXT. 

The bottom panel doesn’t seem to be sliding out (or in) very easily (or it got stuck).

A: Just work it a little. We want it to be snug enough to keep your wine safe.
Pro tip: When sliding the panel back in, the dark side of the wood should face up/out)

How do I put the tap through the hole?

A: After you glide the tote into the BOXT, slip your hand inside to guide the tap into the hole. You may need to wiggle it a bit to pop it through.
Pro tip: Use your thumbs to give it a firm push - and also make sure there is no excess fabric trying to sneak through the hole. 

I need a new BOXT. Is that still an option?

A: Absolutely. We get it - the box isn’t made of titanium, so there is a chance it could break over time. Just reach out to and we will get you taken care of.

Do I remove the wine from the canvas tote bag to put it into the BOXT?

A: Nope! Just keep that wine cozy in its little tote, then drop the whole thing into the BOXT.

Is the canvas wine tote reusable?

A: Technically, yes. Although there is a small hole from the tap, you can reuse the tote any way you want. Our customers are so creative! If you find a cool use for it, drop us a line at to share your invention.

Is the refillable bag less expensive than the BOXT?

A: Pricing has not changed. Even before they were offered, refills have always been in our plans, so we’ve never charged extra for the BOXT.

What do I do with my empty wine bag?

A: The canvas wine tote is reusable, but the empty plastic bag can go right into your recycling bin!
Pro tip: Make sure it’s really empty! Turn the BOXT upside down and press the tap to release any excess air. We don’t want you to waste a drop!

I’m a new Club Member and I accidentally threw my BOXT away but just received the new wine tote refill. Is there a way to have a BOXT shipped to me? Will there be a charge?

A: Well, hello new friend! Thank you for your business. Just reach out to and we will get you taken care of - no additional cost either.

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