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Summer Wine Flash Sale ☀️ Save Up to $120!

100% Premium. 0% Snob.

We got tired of standing in the store, aisle-staring at rows and rows of endless bottles with pretty labels. We know varietals vary from vineyard to vineyard, winery to winery and we wanted to love the wine we pulled off the shelf, but we often wondered if we would. We wanted to drink what we like, not what our BFF, our spouse or our sister likes. We wanted to stop keeping up with which varietal we were supposed to be enjoying each season and we wanted to enjoy every single glass of wine we pour for the rest of our lives.

So. BOXT. 

Let us tell you, there are so many reasons we’re passionate about this product. But at the top of the list for us is taking the mystery and the snobbishness out of wine. It’s grapes, people. No disrespect to the six thousand or so years of craft that’s gone into bringing us to our current state of winemaking. 

But we believe in simplicity. In having fun while you drink wine and in drinking what you want to be drinking, because it tastes good to YOU. Not because it tastes good to someone else.  And we believe in giving you a little wineucation along the way to help you understand why you like what you like and feel confident ordering for yourself out in the real world. 

Just because we make excellent wine, doesn’t mean we can’t be humble about it. 100% premium, 0% snob. 



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