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We are a female-founded winery reimagining the way we all enjoy a glass of fine wine at home. We take our inspiration from the simplicity and deliciousness of European house wines. Our environment-first ethos led us to launching BOXT in 2020 and creating the first ever compostable and refillable boxed wine.

Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of the wine industry and be your go-to house wine, on tap and always ready. Because who said fine wine has to be in a bottle? So we cut out the middleman and deliver a hand-crafted, luxury wine experience direct to your door, for a glass you know you’re going to love. Every single time.

We believe choosing and pouring fine wine should be hassle-free, so we're doing away with playing bottle roulette at the wine shop – not knowing if we’re going to like it, choosing what we’re drinking because of a pretty label or what someone else likes. And we’re never again going to ask ourselves if we should open a whole bottle just for one glass.

We source our wines sustainably, our BOXT is 100% compostable, and one BOXT has 50% less CO2eq than a single bottle. Oh, and we plant a tree for every BOXT we make.


Sarah’s love of wine began in her early 20s when she accompanied her Dad on a business trip to Chile. They were invited to Vina Santa Rita, and as she listened to the winemaker tell stories about the vineyard and the ancient carménère grape, she was hooked. She had discovered the art of winemaking and it became one of the loves of her life.

She continued to travel, seeking out wines in Italy, France and Spain. She began exploring the intersection of individual taste expectations versus varietals and began cultivating her understanding of why she loved a certain glass of wine more than another. Her taste-first approach to making wine started here.

BOXT is Sarah’s vision brought to life, and she sets the bar exceedingly high when it comes to sourcing, crafting and delivering her wine. She remembers the stories the winemaker told and of the simple elegance of the carmenere grape. She brings all of this to the wine she creates and she makes sure she loves every single glass every single time, so that she’s confident you will too.


Reimagining how we all enjoy wine at home: You house wine in a BOXT, simple, beautiful, refillable and delicious.

Building a community of people who care about their environmental impact and love to drink fine wine, not analyze it.

Creating exceptional wine experiences, from a BOXT. 100% premium and 0% snob. Compostable, reusable and recyclable. 

Giving permission to like what you like. Regardless of what your partner, your friends or the rest of the world likes.

Valuing exceptional taste over trending varietals, every time.

Doing away with wasted wine and guilt: No additives or added sugar. Drink however much or little you want, when you want, without wasting a drop. 

Putting the environment first: Sourcing our wines sustainably and consciously reducing our environmental impact.

Simplifying fine wine, which means more time spent enjoying your glass, your friends and your life.

We’re different and
it makes a difference.

From the very start, BOXT has put the environment first. We are part of the solution to climate change and sustainability in the wine industry, and we are proving that there is such a thing as fine wine in a BOXT. 

1 BOXT/refill
= 4 Bottles

50% less carbon footprint than a single bottle

10x Carbon efficiency over bottles

Compostable and reusable packaging

Sustainably, delivered refills - hold your BOXT and use it forever

We plant a tree for every BOXT we make 


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