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Our Favorite Ways to Carve Out Me-Time During the Holidays

The holidays are wonderful and we love all the joy, gatherings and chaos, but sometimes we all just need a little down time. We get the craziness of juggling kids, careers, family, travel, cooking, shopping and cleaning this time of year, so we've put together our favorite ways to get some me time during the holidays. 

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  1. Schedule one less event this week (or every week this month, for that matter). With the endless invitations for parties, get togethers, gift exchanges, play dates for the kids, family visits, we can schedule ourselves 24 hours a day. Instead, say yes to all the events you really want to go to, the ones you have to go to and then - just opt out of one event (or more if you want to). 

  2. When you just need a few minutes of calm and you can't leave the house - say all the members of your family are staying with you, or there's a snowstorm and you're trapped in your cousin's house in Montana - find a place where the adults will leave you alone. We like the kitchen (only if there are piles of dishes to do and no food). Go slow, use lots of suds and hot water and Zen out while you clean. Second choice is the kid's room. They may be noisy, but they will probably leave you alone and let you just sit there - best case the kids are out playing in the snow and no adults will find you for at least 10 minutes. 

  3. Schedule in your me time. Book a pedicure or a 15-minute massage during your grocery shopping and holiday running around. We also give you permission to go to your favorite coffee shop, order something to drink. And. Sit. Down. Turn off your phone and just be. Your cortisol levels will drop and your brain waves will move into a more relaxed state. Pro tip: tuck a guilty pleasure book into your purse or car before you head out.
    getting me time, woman reading book

  4. Use exercise as your me time. Go for a run, or if you loathe running, take a walk or tell them you're going for a run and go sit under a tree. Either way, get outside and breathe some fresh air for a few minutes. If you're a gym person, schedule in gym time. And if you're family knows you've never walked or gone to the gym in your life, tell them you're starting your new year's resolutions early.

  5. Get in the car and go. As one mom blogger put it, "Target run. Solo." You've already done all the shopping, the gifts are all purchased, everything is taken care of - but everyone else doesn't need to know that. You can always run out for more whipping cream, drinks, toilet paper or those last minute gifts you don't actually need. And nobody said you need to come back with anything - Target might just have been out from all those people making runs to have some me-time. 

Whether you do one or all of these things, or something entirely different - make sure you take a little time for yourself this season. It's a little woo, but you really can't take care of everyone and everything unless you're taking care of yourself as well. Thank goodness Target is open nearly all hours and if you're really in a pinch there is always a 24-hour convenience store somewhere

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