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7 Reasons You Should Try Boxed Wine

We all know that the wine in a box format historically hasn't had a great reputation for quality, and we realize you may need some reasons as to why you should try boxed wine now. We won't name names, but we agree that in the past it deserved its reputation. Today, though, there are some wineries, especially BOXT, that are making exceptionally good wine that just happens to be in a box. 


Here are seven reasons you should try boxed wine now.


  1. It's better for the environment. A study produced by the CSWA (California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance) found that boxed wine has 84% lower carbon emissions than traditional glass bottles.

  2. The quality might be better than the bottles of table wine you've been buying. There are a few brands out there making wine that's considered as good as many of the $20 or $30 dollar bottles on the shelves. If BOXT were sold as bottles in a wine shop, our wines would retail for anywhere from $45-$55 per bottle.

  3. It lasts longer. Boxed wine stays fresh for up to six weeks once tapped. That's about five weeks and five days longer than bottled.

  4. You can pour as much or as little as you like. Want just another sip with your last bit of steak? Or just half a glass more with your pasta? You never have to worry again about opening a bottle for just one glass. 

  5. No wasted wine. See number four. You've opened that bottle because you (or someone else) wanted a little bit more. But now there's most of a bottle left and you know it's not going to be as good tomorrow. How many bottles have we dumped down the sink because we didn't finish them?

  6. No risk of lightstrike. What is lightstrike you ask? It's what happens to bottles of wine that get too much sun in the store. All those bottles just sitting out on display - too much of the sunlight that can filter through the glass will ruin the wine inside. With boxed wine, the light just doesn't get through. 

  7. End decision fatigue. How many times have you stood there in the market, looking at the dozens of choices of wine and you just grab the one with the prettiest label, because who has the time? There are less choices in boxed wines, and even less choices in good boxed wines. 

  8. With BOXT, you know you're going to love your glass every time. Because we make our wines by taste profile and not by varietal, which means you get a wine that tastes the way you want, regardless of whether that year was too dry or too hot or too rainy or too cold. Because we're not dependent on one type of grape, we can source our blends from the best, most sustainable grapes around and give you exactly what you like to drink, every time. 


Here at BOXT we believe that wine should be simple. It should taste great (made by taste profile), be easy to choose (just eight wines), easy to get (delivered right to your doorstep) and easy to drink (on tap). Those may be the best reasons yet to try BOXT wine. See what we did there?


How do you BOXT? @drinkboxt
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