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Introducing Our Limited Reserve Release Wines!

BOXT and LOTUS CHINESE Partner to Celebrate Lunar New Year with Lucky Pairings and Giveaway

BOXT teamed up with Lotus Chinese to offer Austinites a way to celebrate safely at home for Lunar New Year. To do that, we created a super lucky Year of the Tiger Package: delivery of a special Wine + Lucky Dumplings pairing, plus a free giveaway for one lucky winner.

Lunar New Year begins on February 1, 2022 and this is the year of the Water Tiger, so expect a focus on family and interpersonal relationships, clarity, drive and going after what you want. That all sounds really cool, but what is Lunar New Year about beyond the animal talisman? 

Lunar New Year is a celebration of feasting in honor of family, ancestors and deities. Dating back to the 14th century BC and the Shang Dynasty, the celebration begins with the new moon at the end of January or beginning of February and lasts for 16 days. Traditionally, as early as three weeks before this new moon, in preparation for the two week celebration, families will close businesses, bring their focus to family and clean their homes before the new year so all the good luck isn’t swept away at the start of the year.

There are traditions for each day of the New Year, many centering around things to do for luck and things to avoid for luck. On New Year’s Eve, which falls on January 31 this year, a reunion dinner is held with extended family to celebrate their love and respect for each other. The last course of this meal is an uneaten fish, representing abundance. Long noodles are eaten for happiness and long life at the beginning of the new year and the celebration culminates with dumplings and the famous lantern festival which takes place on Feb 15 this year. Why dumplings? They are eaten to bring more wealth because they are traditionally shaped like gold.

So what better way to celebrate than ordering in – because it’s still Covid – and enjoying a delicious lucky meal with your loved ones?

The Lunar New Year frozen dumpling pack to comes with eight (for double luck, because eight is also a lucky number that translates to wealth) different regular and soup dumplings – pork cabbage, chicken basil, sweet potato, Thai chicken curry, spicy Korean pork, black truffle, lemongrass shrimp and classic pork – with pairings for each of the eight BOXT wine profiles for even more luck.

Go to to order your Year of the Tiger Package which includes Lunar New Year Dumplings (1 of each frozen dumpling), 1 BOXT of your choice, house-made Lotus Chinese sweet soy sauce, a pair of lucky red chopsticks – delivered right to your door (Austin residents only).

To enter our GIVEAWAY follow us on Instagram and look for our post today, January 24!

Each our wines will go well with all of the dumplings, but here’s each profile’s favorite.

PROFILE ONE – Chicken Basil Dumpling

PROFILE TWO – Thai Chicken Curry Soup Dumpling

PROFILE THREE – Sweet Potato Dumpling

PROFILE FOUR – Classic Pork Soup Dumpling

PROFILE FOUR | FIVE – Truffle Pork Soup Dumpling

PROFILE FIVE – Spicy Korean Pork Soup Dumpling

PROFILE SIX – Pork Cabbage Dumpling

PROFILE NINE – Lemongrass Shrimp Soup Dumpling


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