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DIY Birdhouse: Upcycle Your BOXT Into a Birdhouse

We love upcycling, recycling and helping out the environment any way we can. We plant a tree for every BOXT we make, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re always cooking up ways to reuse BOXT and we love this idea from one of our members. For birds, habitat loss is their biggest threat, and by creating bird and pollinator friendly habitats in your backyard, however small, you’re helping too.

This project is so much fun, whether you’re going to go full DIY and Property Brothers your BOXThouse or Joanna Gaines it and make it part of your garden decor.

So. There are two kinds of birdhouses. The kind that’s pretty and bright and looks fun in the garden and the kind that attracts birds to nest. We’re not saying one is better than the other. We love a good bedazzled BOXThouse. We’re just saying the more colorful, fun and cute you make your birdhouse, the more you’ll enjoy it, but the less your feathered friends might.

For a decorative birdhouse that adds charm and whimsy to your garden or yard, the possibilities are endless.

  • Paint: freehand, stripes, handprints, polka dots, flowers, bees, whatever you can dream up!
  • Stencils: for those of us who are drawing-challenged
  • Pyrography stencils (wood-burned patterns): for the fancy people
  • Any type of bedazzling: go to Michael’s and let your imagination run wild! Pro-tip: E-6000 glue is your best friend here.

For a birdhouse that catches the eye of a nesting pair, that’s another story and we’ll tell you how to turn you BOXT into the most inviting bird real estate in town.

Different birds prefer slightly different amenities: Square footage, location, single or double front door. But for the most part, there are six things to take into consideration when turning your BOXT into a 5-star condo for your singing backyard friends.

  1. Rough landing. Sand down the inside and outside of your BOXT. Rough wood is easier for the birds’ (especially the babies’) feet to cling to.
  2. Size matters. Many nesting birds like chickadees, nuthatches, warblers, woodpeckers and wrens, need a small doorway –  a 1 ¼ inch hole (which is what your BOXT comes with). That keeps them happy and other birds and predators out.  For bluebirds or tree swallows, upgrade to 1 ½ inches. Most birds prefer their doorway four to six inches from the floor of their house, so turn your BOXT upside down and put the tap hole at the top. 
  3. Height. Different birds prefer different heights. Depending on which bird you’re building this designer home for, you’ll want to check what their specific needs are. But they generally fall into two major categories: 5-10’ or 10-15’. Make the box hard for predators to access. Wrens are fine with a house hanging from a tree limb, but most birds prefer more stability, so a pole is your best bet. 
  4. No loitering. Toss that perch we gave you! It’s key for a decorative house, but for a nesting BOXT, it can help predators gain access to the eggs. 
  5. Modern HVAC. Give your house a slanted roof with some small holes just below the eaves to let a little air in and help dry things out in the rain. Add some more small holes to the floor in the corners and along the walls as well.
  6. Insulation. Add a layer to help insulate in both summer and winter. Our BOXT walls are ¼” thick, but your birdhouse walls want to be ¾” thick to protect the babies from heat and cold. 

We love to see what our members are doing with their BOXT! Drop us an email with your birdhouses at or tag us on social @drinkboxt.

Image credit, © member Cathy B.

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