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How to Pack the Perfect Rosé Picnic

Our gorgeous Profile Nine, a rosé made of 100% pinot noir grapes, is the perfect wine for a summer picnic, especially if it’s a rosé picnic. Besides being the go-to in sustainable, luxury boxed wine, you can take one BOXT instead of lugging 4 bottles - and bonus - you avoid the breakage hazard.

So get your picnic basket out and let’s put together a gorgeous rosé picnic.

  1. Location, location, location: Choose your spot. You can go somewhere public for a picnic - park, beach, scenic overlook, or you can set up an outdoor affair right in your backyard.
    luxury backyard picnic with wine and pillows
  2. Plan your menu: Charcuterie-style cured meats, artisanal cheeses, fresh fruits, nuts, olives, crackers, bread, jammy spreads and sweets (macarons, chocolate truffles, salted caramels, you get the idea). Stop by your favorite market and grab some gourmet sandwiches, mini quiches and salads.

  3. How much wine: One BOXT is four bottles’ worth of wine and can stay cold either on ice, or (insider tip) by slipping a little frozen cold pack inside the wooden BOXT.

  4. Picnic basket and cooler: Even if you’re hosting in your backyard, a picnic basket is great decor and a cooler can help keep other beverages cold - think sparkling water and juice - and to keep extra cheese and fruit chilled, so you don’t have to run back inside all day long.
    picnic basket with blanket, cheeses and book
  5. Wine glasses: Whether you go high-end plastic or glass, go elegant. Disposable plastic or paper cups are not recommended as they can affect the taste of the wine.

  6. Plates, cutlery, trays: Paper, bamboo, melamine, enamel or china plates (china works better for small portable picnics or for elaborate backyard affairs). We love this Anthropologie tray and these melamine plates. Pack enough forks, knives, and spoons for everyone, plus extra. You always need extra.

  7. Napkins: Go cloth or pretty paper napkins and bring paper towels to clean up anything that spills. Wet wipes are great, especially with kids, but we also like to go old school and bring a fresh, lightly dampened cloth for those stickier hands.

  8. Blankets, mats or even rugs: A comfortable blanket, mat or even rug (we only suggest this for backyard picnics) to sit and lounge on is a must for any picnic. Choose one, or a mixture of all three - just depends on where you’re going and the size of your group.

  9. Ice packs: If you are bringing perishable food items, pack them with ice packs to keep them fresh.

  10. Utensils for serving: If you are bringing food items that require serving, say a gorgeous charcuterie or cheese board or salads, bring serving utensils, cheese knives, hors d'oeuvres forks and even some tongs.

  11. Pack it in and pack it out: Bring garbage bags for clean up and recycling. Want an eco-friendly and hassle free cleanup? Go reusable or biodegradable.

EXTRA LUXURY for your Rosé picnic

  1. Pillows and cushions: These can take a regular picnic and turn it into a grand affair. Easier in your backyard than to hike them up to an overlook, so keep in mind the location when deciding on how much extra stuff to bring. Throw pillows, cushions, sit pillows, they will look spectacular and be a comfortable place for guests to relax and while away the afternoon.
    outdoor picnic with cushions candles and flowers
  2. Flowers: Level up with fresh flowers. Grab some bouquets at the market along with the cheeses and premade foods. Use plastic or glass vases (putting rocks in the bottom will help them be more stable if you’re setting them on the ground).

  3. Candles and/or lanterns: For an evening picnic, candles and lanterns are a must. Stick with unscented - you don’t want the candles overtaking the wine and food.

  4. Plush seating: Instead of sitting on the ground, use cushions or chairs.
    beach picnic with chairs
  5. Portable speaker: Create a playlist of your favorite songs or choose a genre that matches the mood of your picnic.

  6. Games: Frisbee, bocce ball, croquet, board games or cards.

  7. Extra blankets and throws: Depending on your location, these may or may not make sense. It can get chilly in the desert, beach and mountains at night, even in the summer.

  8. Umbrellas and parasols: See above. If you’re in Texas in the summer, blankets and throws are out, but shelter from the sun is in - and plus, they look pretty.

Once everything is set up (or maybe even as you’re setting up) tap into your rosé and enjoy this amazing gourmet picnic you just put together.

At BOXT, we celebrate Rosé Day all year round, so we've put together charcuterie and cheese board pairings, five perfect rosé cocktails and spritzers (think tequila and strawberries, gin and mint - not all in the same drink), how to cook with rosé (it's not just for drinking anymore), and a little bit of rosé history - we promise it's just enough to be interesting and not DRTL.

Let us know how you rosé @drinkboxt.


Please remember to always drink responsibly and follow local laws and regulations regarding alcohol consumption in public spaces.


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