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Limited Edition Reserve Release Of Eight Premium Wines

8 different boxes of 2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt wine

Our founder, Sarah, is taking our award-winning box wines and creating a signed, limited-edition-press of our eight profiles.

With multiple trips to California for sourcing and tasting sessions with our winemaker, Sarah handpicked each vineyard in order to create the remarkable wine she was planning for this limited release. A wine that would honor the terrior – the sense of place – unique to each vineyard, each grape.

Over months of blending sessions, Sarah and our winemaker tasted, refined, iterated; taking the best aspects from each variety of grape and combining them to create the perfect aromatics, the perfect feel, the perfect taste for each of our eight  limited-edition wines, bringing you an unparalleled BOXT experience. 

Try them before they're gone. 

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile One, Sauvignon Blanc


The sauvignon grapes for this limited-edition, hand-blended wine originate in a small vineyard in Walla Walla Washington. We hand-picked this particular vineyard based on its terrior. Its microclimate of very hot days and cool nights which bring out the aromatics of green apple, grass and the hint of citrus in the grapes; the minerals in the soil (they help produce the unrepeatable flavor profile we've created); and the vintner's commitment to sustainability. 

The long growing season in Walla Walla gives our grapes extra time in the sun to cultivate their complex range of tastes, and each grape is a culmination of everything that comes in contact with its roots, leaves and skin throughout the year.

In the same way, this wine is a culmination of the journey of each individual grape that was hand-picked. Also, sorted and blended to create this perfect limited-edition wine. 

If you love sauvignon blancs with a bit of acidity and hints of citrus, you will love this exclusive press of our Profile One. With zero additives, zero grams of sugar and exceptionally low tannins, it's perfection

Pair it with light pasta dishes, chicken, flaky fishes and salads. 

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Two, Chardonnay


The Sonoma coast is home to hot days and cool nights, and this diurnal temperature swing is what we knew we needed to make this exceptional wine. The limited-edition press of our Profile Two is handcrafted with a partial malolactic fermentation and aged in 50%-new French-oak barrels from Burgundy, giving this wine its perfect kiss of oakyness. 

Every grape, as it grows on the vine, is influenced by it surrounding terrior – what's in the soil and what's not; fog, rain, heat, humidity, dryness; how much sun it gets each day; overnight temperatures and humidity; everything in the air that it breathes and how many or how few clouds shade it each day. Every single grape we chose for this special press is a culmination of all that comes into contact with every part of the plant, especially its skin. 

Our limited-edition Profile Two highlights the best aspects of the individual grapes we picked, sorted and blended by hand to create this perfect, exclusive wine. And of course, there are no additives, zero grams of sugar and low tannins. 

If you love golden-hued, gently oaky chardonnays with a hint of butter and an aromatic lift of pineapple, peach and apricot, this is your wine.

Pair it with shellfish, crisp vegetables like asparagus and delicate salads. 

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Three, Pinot Grigio


The grapes for our gorgeous, limited-press Profile Three originate in the Russian River Valley. Just five miles–as the crow flies–from the coast, this unique growing region benefits from the coastal influence which causes diurnal temperature swings that in turn create gently warm sunny afternoons, bookended by humid, cool, foggy mornings and evenings.

The terrior is the total environment in which the vines grow. It ifluences every aspect of how a grape will taste once pressed into wine. We carefully selected our vineyards for this special edition based on all the natural factors of soil, wind, rain, humidity and sun, before handpicking each perfect grape. 

This limited edition release of our Profile Three has the fingerprint of each individual grape we hand sorted and blended to create an exclusive wine with a partial malolactic fermentation that contains zero additives and zero grams of sugar. 

The fresh acidity and dash of chalky minerality in each sip is balanced by the distinctive ginger and lemongrass notes. We created this limited-edition off-dry white, with its flamboyant aromas. They include lychee and nutmeg, and a fruity and floral nose. The notes reflects the nuanced qualities of the terrior where these grapes spent their days ripening.  

Pair with sweet and spicy foods, sushi and Asian-inspired dishes. 

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Four, Pinot Noir


The pinot noir grapes for this hand-picked, hand-blended limited-edition Profile Four are grown on the Sonoma coast. Our founder personally sourced the vineyard and spent hours with the vintner, walking the rows of vines, hearing about the region's terrior – all the environmental nudges that make these grapes unique from all others. 

The California coast just north of San Francisco possesses a particular terrior, one that is cooler than the interior of Sonoma county and one with soil heavy in clay. Our winemaker highlighted these two factors, creating this special pinot-noir blend with a 30% whole-cluster fermentation process. The leaves and stems were removed from only 70% of the grapes, giving this limited-press complex aromatics that include cherry, raspberry, mushroom and earth, with a hint of vanilla and baking spice. 

Pair with white and red meats, salmon and earthy vegetables. 

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Four Five, Tempranillo


With grapes curated from both the Sonoma coast and the Napa Valley, the limited edition of our Profile Four-Five heightens the exceptional characteristics of a tempranillo blend. 

The backbone of any wine is its terrior – where the grapes grew, and what the weather, climate, soil, and air were like. We carefully selected two small vineyards which grow the perfect grapes to create the vision our founder had for this limited-edition wine. 

We curated every step of this process, from personally selecting the vineyards, to hand-picking the grapes to tasting each iteration of the blend until we had it exactly the way our founder wanted it. This edition is made with love and an exacting palate for fine wine – and it tastes like it. 

Fruit forward, approachable and yet complex enough to keep you coming back for more, this is a dry wine with zero additives or grams of sugar and a palate full of cherries, currants, dried fig and cedar, with aromatics of vanilla and baking spice. 

Pair with red meat, salmon and heavier pasta dishes.

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Five, Cabernet Sauvignon


This limited-edition wine is a nod to old-world Napa wine making. With grapes sourced from a very small, private vineyard in the Napa Valley, its gorgeous palate is highly influenced by the vineyard's terrior - the soil, weather and climate that affect each grapevine throughout the year. 

After many tastes and iterations with our founder, Sarah, our winemaker chose to ferment this special press in 70% new-oak barrels sourced exclusively from Bordeaux, creating a rich, inky, jammy wine redolent of black currant, cherry and plum, with notes of spice, wood, tobacco, and vanilla. 

Round, smooth, and well balanced, this highly aromatic and slightly acidic wine delivers firm tannins and an enduring finish.

If you love a rich cabernet you will love this exclusive press of our Profile Five, with zero additives and zero grams of sugar.

Pair with complex, rich meats like lamb, steak and duck, heavy cheeses and hearty vegetables.

2024 Limited Reserve @drinkboxt Profile Six, Zinfandel


Dry Creek Valley is home to the hand-selected, family-owned vineyard where we sourced the grapes for our limited-edition Profile Six. Zinfandel and petite syrah grapes thrive here with the valley's hot days and cold nights – temperatures drop precipitously each evening as the coastal fog rolls in. 

Our winemaker chose to hand-ferment these grapes in 75% American oak, which gives the finished wine a bigger grain, and more aggressive oak profile, something these bold grapes can handle. 

Velvety, creamy, with soft tannins, rich aromas of plum and leather, and fruit notes of tart cherry and raspberry, we created this zero additive, zero-added sugar, wine to feel indulgent and heavenly on your tongue. 

Pair with game meats like bison and venison as well as duck and lamb.  


For our limited-edition Profile Nine rosé, we hand-picked pinot noir grapes from a small, Santa Barbara County winery that sits just inland from the coast, and created a rosé that you won't want to live without. 

Because we wanted higher acids and lower sugars for this special press, we hand-picked our grapes early in the season. As a 100% pinot noir, whole-cluster pressed rosé, all its gorgeous apricot hue comes from just four hours of skin contact during the pressing. 

Dry, crisp and not overly floral, this limited-edition rosé carries notes of strawberry, lychee and watermelon, balanced with a slight nose of grapefruit and lemon zest. Of medium weight, with zero grams of sugar and zero additives, its mouthwatering acidity leaves a delicately lingering taste of fruit on the palate.  

Pair with tapas, seafood and light salads.


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