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Luxury Cheese and Charcuterie Boards to Pair with Rosé Wine

We’ve got a thing for luxurious charcuterie boards. They’re so gorgeous and easy to put together, everyone will think you’re a star and you don’t even have to cook. 

Here’s how to make a luxury charcuterie board that pairs with our dry, fine rosé wine, Profile Nine.

  1. It’s all about the meats (unless you're vegetarian, if so, we’ve got you covered). Our rosé, made from 100% pinot noir grapes, is crisp, bright and dry, which means it pairs well with just about any red meat out there cured or otherwise, but for now we’ll stick with cured. Since this is a luxury charcuterie board, we’re going all in with our favorite salty meats. Our faves? Jamon Iberico, jamon serrano, prosciutto and salami are our favorites.

  2. You’ll want cheese too. Soft, creamy cheeses pair well with the bright acidity and stone fruit notes of our rosé. 

charcuterie board to pair with rose wine

Choose any or all of the below for a perfect luxury rosé charcuterie board that will be all the envy.

  1. Now for the fruits. You’ll want to compliment this gorgeous dry rosé, and since it has notes of strawberries, lychee, a little lemon zest and stone fruits, you have a wide range from which to choose. Of course, strawberries. Fresh and dried figs and apricots, apples like fuji or honeycrisp, watermelon, red plums, mangoes, peaches, raspberries and lychees all work.

  2. You can’t have the meat without the nuts. Pistachios, macadamias, marcona almonds and cashews all pair well with a fine dry rosé wine. You can also sprinkle in some chocolate covered nuts, but steer clear of the milk chocolate, it is too sweet for this wine, go for semi-sweet or dark.

  3. The carriers. Slices of fresh french baguette are always welcome on a luxury charcuterie board, as are artisan crackers like Firehook baked crackers, fig and honey crisps and some classic table water crackers.

  4. Necessary extras: Fig, apricot or berry jam, salted black and castelvetrano olives and some chunks of white and dark chocolate.


When arranging your board, aim for a balance of colors and textures. You can even get extra and wrap the meats into fancy shapes. Use small bowls for the nuts and olives and include hors d'oeuvres forks or fancy toothpicks and a bowl for tossing the used ones. how about a vegetarian cheese board to go with rosé wine


vegetarian cheese and fruit plate to pair with rose wine for rose day

You love everything about a charcuterie board except the meat. We get it. You can create a gorgeous, luxury cheese, nut and fruit charcuterie board, not meat required. Since you don’t have the salty, stronger flavors of cured meats, you’ll want to take your cheese up a notch in terms of flavor range and depth. 

  1. Just like with a meat-based board, you'll want to have a selection of cheeses with varying textures and flavors, but now you just want more.


  1. Fruit, lots of fruit. Our rosé has notes of strawberries, lychee and stone fruits, so all of those are a go, along with watermelon, peaches, plums, figs - dried and fresh - cherries and all the berries.

  2. Nuts. Since the cheese and nuts are your main protein here, go big. Pistachios, pecans, macadamias, Marcona almonds and cashews all pair well with a fine dry rosé wine. Add in herb-roasted or spiced nuts and chocolate covered nuts, but steer clear of milk chocolate, it is too sweet for a dry rosé, go for semi-sweet or dark.

  3. Bread and crackers for holding all the cheese. Sourdough, rosemary boule, water and artisan crackers all work. We like a good fig and dried cranberry cracker too.

  4. Necessary extras: 
  • Jams! Little pots of jam look great on a charcuterie board and you can get them in all the fruits. Especially good with rosé are fig, apricot or berry jam, along with orange marmalade. 

  • Olives! Salted black, Castelvetrano, Kalamata and herbed mixed olives.

  • Chocolate and other sweets. We love chunks of white and dark chocolate, salted butter caramels and lavender or plain shortbread cookies.

National Rosé Day is just around the corner on Saturday, June 10, and we've been preparing, because what better day to rosé all day and up your rosé game. We've put together five perfect rosé cocktails and spritzers (think tequila and strawberries, gin and mint - not all in the same drink), how to cook with rosé (it's not just for drinking anymore), the perfect rosé picnic and a little bit of rosé history - we promise it's just enough to be interesting and not DRTL.

Let us know how you rosé @drinkboxt.



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