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Overindulge? The best five supplements to help you feel better during the Holidays

We love loading up on enzymes and immune boosters for the long game of getting us through the madness of November and December. But we've got a list of the best five supplements to help you feel better during the Holidays. We ever underestimate the power of popping a good multivitamin followed by lots of coconut water and an Emergen-C when we know we're going to be indulging, or, if we didn't know ahead of time and we're paying for it the next day. And we're not just talking alcohol here, all that extra food, sugar, carbs and being around so many people after so long just sitting in our homes can take a toll.

Here's how to remedy yourself quickly when you overdo it during the holidays. 

Overindulge? We've got five supplements to help you feel better during the Holidays Harmless Harvest coconut water

  1. Electrolytes

In short, electrolytes keep you hydrated. All that sugar, salt and alcohol takes a toll and during the holidays your body may be chronically under hydrated. 

Our favorite source of electrolytes is coconut water, but all coco waters are not created equal. Leave the boxed ones on the shelf. The water has been processed, usually with heat, killing any bacteria along with all the things you're looking for: vitamins and minerals, those electrolytes and other phytonutrients and enzymes. 

Harmless Harvest gets closest to the source, while using regenerative agriculture to create a system where, "climate impact from coconut agriculture is net positive". They also work in partnership with farmers in Thailand and are a fair for life company which translates to dollars on the ground for education, clean water and healthcare. 

If you're not into coconut water, there are lots of sports tablets on the market like Nuun that will do the trick. You're looking for something that has six key electrolytes, sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate. The old standby, Gatorade, has 36 grams of sugar, so that's not the best option either. 


  1. Wheatgrass 

Wheatgrass had its moment in the spotlight a few years back, but its powers as an antioxidant are no joke. Wheatgrass is chock full of glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E and the enzymes that help break down food while absorbing much needed nutrients. We trust NOW Foods and their organic wheatgrass powder. If you're local to Austin, Juiceland has wheatgrass shots, and if you're not, your natural food store or juicery should have it fresh.

  1. Green Tea

    Overindulge? We've got five supplements to help you feel better during the Holidays cup of green tea


We know, all you want is coffee, (us too) but green tea is the better friend here. Full of antioxidants, green tea has also been shown to help your liver and reduce hangover symptoms. It is also great as a digestive aid, the polyphenols and catechins help your intestines process all the extra sugars, fats and salts you're ingesting over the holidays. Drinking a cup before a big dinner, or afterwards can help your body process and it will help you feel much better than that cup of blank ink in the morning.

  1. Emergen-C

This one has been around forever now, and we still love it. Emergen-C is the original antioxidant, B vitamin and electrolytes supplement. It's great anytime of day, you can take it to boost your immune system, to give yourself a little extra goodness before you're going to overindulge, or to help you feel better after the excess of a really great holiday get together. We also like Airborn and their generic copycats. They all have a bucket load of vitamins and minerals to help  get you through. 

  1. Exercise

    Overindulge? We've got five supplements to help you feel better during the Holidays paddleboarding town lake austin texas


This one made both of our long term and short term supplement lists because it's so important. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, a natural painkiller and even if you can't drag yourself to the gym for a 45 minute power pilates or HIIT class, you can take a walk, or if you're lucky and live in a mild climate like Austin, grab your paddleboard - and the fresh air and endorphins will make you feel better. We promise. 

So grab a bunch of coconut water, Emergen-C and green tea next time you're at Whole Foods and you'll be set for anytime you overdo it.

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