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Top Three Wine Trends for 2023 That You Must Know About

There's no end to the lists that come out in December and January and we're no exception, we love lists, but because we also like to simplify things, we're keeping it short. We've put together a list of the top three trends in wine for 2023. We're not surprised at any of them, but we are delighted, because they all connect with the wines we love to make (and you love to drink) and how we make them here at BOXT - sustainably and with love.

1. Values- and Eco-based wineries.

The winemaking industry is aware of climate change, maybe more than most industries, since their product is directly tied to the terroir - climate, soil, rain, drought, sunlight, air quality, smoke and fires and erosion - of where the grapes are grown. All of these things contribute to the health of the grape on the vine: whether it is more or less susceptible to mold, whether it will ripen enough before it's harvested, whether it will absorb enough or too much of things in the atmosphere around it, and how it will taste when it is picked and in the final product.

Winemakers are paying more attention to their role in climate change, and wine drinkers are paying more attention to the wineries that are working towards making a positive impact on the climate. Wine lovers are showing much more concern for sustainably sourced, organic and clean wines with alternative packaging.

wine trends ultra premium wine on tap sitting on shelf in BOXT

With our ethos of prioritizing the environment, BOXT has been ahead of this trend since day one.

We designed our gorgeous, 100% compostable wood BOXT container to be refillable, so not only do we cut down on our carbon footprint by 50% over a single bottle (each BOXT is equal to four bottles), we are part of the solution to single use packaging. We source our grapes sustainably and we’ve been planting one tree for every BOXT we make, since the very first one. 

We make our wines by hand and use a minimum of processes to bring you a wine you're going to love, every single time.

We do not add sugar and our wines contain ZERO grams of sugar per serving.
We do not use Mega Purple.
We do fine our wines, but we use vegan-friendly fining agents.
We do not add tannins to our wines.

But it's not just about what's in the wine and how it was grown, it's about the winemaker and the people behind the wine. BOXT is female-founded and run, with a diverse team and an ethos of inclusion

pinot noir wine trend, premium fine wine on tap in a BOXT

2. Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir has long been a favorite and its star is still on the rise. People love pinot because it tastes great on its own and with nearly every food. It's an easy going, lighter bodied red, but it is also complex and interesting with subtle characteristics that surprise us every time. Most popular reds like merlot, malbec, cabernet sauvignon and syrah are bolder and fuller bodied than pinot noir. Nothing wrong with that, we all love a big red, but part of what makes pinot so lovable is this contrast of lightness with such an intricate palate that's anything but simple.

Sonoma County is known for its incredible pinots and it will continue to outpace other areas as a top grower of this temperamental but gorgeous grape. Our BOXT winery is located in Napa and we include pinot noir grapes in our Profiles, Four, Four Five and Nine.

rose wine trend, rose of pinot noir fine wine in a BOXT

3. Rosé
As luck would have it for BOXT, rosé is also on the rise. We've known about its versatility forever - it is not just a summer wine after all - it makes a beautiful holiday table with its gorgeous light apricot blush hue. And our rosé is made with 100% pinot noir grapes. It's a must-have or must-try for 2023.

There are several methods for making a rose (none of them include mixing red and white wine). At BOXT, we use a whole-cluster direct press method where the grapes are crushed as whole clusters and pressed until the juice reaches the winemaker’s desired color. This approach is more deliberate and grapes are picked at a lower brix (the measurement of sugar level and potential alcohol content while the grape is still on the vine) to enhance acidity and lower alcohol. This method helps yield a rosé with perfumed aromatics and the delicate fruit notes we love about our rosé.

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