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@drinkboxt Profile 6, zinfandel, syrah, malbec
@drinkboxt Profile 6, zinfandel, syrah, malbec
@drinkboxt Profile 6, zinfandel, syrah, malbec
@drinkboxt Profile 6, zinfandel, syrah, malbec

Profile #6 | Zinfandel Style

Smooth · Juicy · Velvet · Sweet

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Tasting Notes: Cherry, Raspberry, Peach

Profile Six is our velvety, indulgent, smooth and slightly sweet fine red wine, with zero grams of sugar per serving and no unwanted additives. With notes of cherry, raspberry and peach, it is crafted for those who love a big red, but enjoy it a little smooth, a little sweet.

This gorgeous wine pairs well with non traditional game meats like bison and venison (think thick, juicy burger with blue cheese) as well as steak, lamb, pork, duck and the fattier fishes like salmon and herring.

Profile Six is our devilishy delightful "Zinfandel like" red wine with a kiss of sweetness on the palate - a jammy glass sure to draw you in. 

Type: Red wine

Size: 1 BOXT / Refill = 4 bottles = 3 l

Alcohol: 13,8 %

Drinking temperature: served with a slight chill

Country: USA

Producer: DRINK BOXT

Gold - 2023: Texas International Wine Competition

Silver - 2023: SF Chronicle Wine Competition 

Silver - 2022: SF International Wine Competition

Similar Varietals: Malbec, Zinfandel, Merlot, Petite Syrah



No sugar


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Your first wine shipment includes the beautiful reusable BOXT, and every shipment after arrives in an eco-friendly tote.

All our wines are lab tested for purity, vegan and keto friendly.

So you can feel good about tapping in and we’ll refill your BOXT as often as you like.

How refills work

1. Flip your BOXT over and slide out the wooden panel.

2. Use your thumbs to push the tap into the hole - pull the empty bag out.

3. Drop in your wine tote refill. Pro tips included in FAQ below.

4. Push the tap through the hole & replace the wooden panel.

What makes our wine so special?

You know how you had that go-to cab or chard last year, and then this year the taste changed so much you had to find a new favorite? That’s because varietals rely on a single grape and can vary drastically from batch to batch.

At BOXT, instead of relying on a single varietal, we use a taste-first blending approach. We handcraft a wine that’s going to have a taste profile you love, every single time, year over year. And that’s why we’re your new forever house wine.

Learn more about blending and our taste first approach on our blog.

We're different and it makes a difference.

Sustainable, eco-friendly, luxury fine wine.

From the very start, BOXT has put the environment first. We are part of the solution to climate change and sustainability in the wine industry, and we are proving that there is such a thing as fine wine in a BOXT.

1 BOXT / Refill = 4 bottles

10x carbon efficiency over bottles

Compostable and reusable packaging

Sustainable refills - Hold your BOXT and use it forever

We plant a tree for every BOXT we make

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