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5 supplements for feeling great as hosting season kicks in

The holidays are a wonderful time of year - gatherings, family, friends, great clothes, even better wine and food, fires in the fireplace, presents, we could go on forever. It's also the time of year for overindulging and we don't just mean in wine! Sugar, salt, foods high in fat and carbohydrates, things we don't normally eat or drink, staying up late, getting up early. All the routines are off during the holidays and our bodies pay for it.

Here's our list of the five supplements for feeling great as hosting season kicks in - to help you reduce anxiety, sleep better, keep your gut healthy, recover from too much food and drink and too little sleep - so you can enjoy the holidays and come out feeling like you don't need a dry January or a fitness routine makeover to undo November and December's excess.

These are meant as a lifestyle addition for the next eight weeks, not just as something you pop after a late night out - never fear, we have that list too.


5 supplements for hosting season 

1. Multivitamins

Go out and get yourself a good multivitamin - you're especially looking to get more of Vitamins D, K, C, B12 (though all the Bs are good) and magnesium. Which multi you take depends on age and gender, but we like Doctor's Best overall as a brand. You can get it at all the usual places, Amazon, iHerb and Swanson.

2. Echinacea


supplements for feeling great echinacea herb

This herb is a great overall immune booster and when we're around more people, staying up later, drinking more, eating more sugar and generally taxing our immune systems echinacea is great to have in your arsenal of wellness. It's also a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps overall inflammation from foods and alcohol. We like Puritan's Pride Echinacea 400 mg-100 Capsules - it's 100% pure echinacea. Or Mountain Rose Herbs' Echinacea Ultra Extract.


3. Milk Thistle



milk thistle supplement supplements for feeling great

It shares the anti-inflammatory property of echinacea, but is also known for its antioxidant qualities and helping protect the liver. According to Mount Sinai Hospitals, "The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin, a group of flavonoids (silibinin, silidianin, and silicristin), which are thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances." Especially good news for those of out drinking that extra glass more often over the next couple of months.

We're not an affiliate, we swear. Puritan's Pride has been around for a long time and has a great reputation for quality supplements with no additives. We like their 1000mg milk thistle capsules.


4. Super Greens Powder


This is a great supplement year round, especially for people who don't eat a lot of greens, who travel a lot or have bloating or gut issues from raw kale and other brassicas (cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts). Greens are chock full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins including some rare ones that you need like lutein and zeaxanthin. Our favorite is Garden of Life's Green Superfood Powder.

5. Ashwagandha plus Valerian Root



valerian root supplements for feeling great

These two together pack a power punch for stress and anxiety relief and better sleep. Ashwagandha helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep and as an adaptogen, it helps us adapt to and be more resilient against stressors in our environment. Valerian is known for its ability to help us fall, and stay, asleep. We love this Ashwagandha + Valerian tea by Clover Botanicals. It's generally recommended to take these herbs consistently for a week or more to see results.

Bonus Supplement For Hosting Season



We know it's not really a supplement, but exercise is your friend during the chaos of all these festivities. Besides keeping you grounded in routine and potentially giving you a valid excuse to bow out of that eighth holiday happy hour this week that you really don't want to go to, it provides all of the usual health benefits which are especially necessary during the holidays.

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