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From Chips to Chardonnay: Your Essential Super Bowl Wine Pairing Playbook

As the Super Bowl approaches, it's time to plan not only your game-day menu but also the perfect wine pairings to elevate the experience. Whether you're a fan of classic snacks or gourmet treats, there's a wine that can complement the flavors and enhance your game day festivities.

shrimp skewers and a glass of white wine

A Zesty Twist

If you're serving seafood dishes or light salads, Sauvignon Blanc is your go-to. Its zesty acidity and citrusy notes complement shrimp skewers, crab cakes, and green salads. The vibrant character of this wine adds a refreshing twist to your game day palate.

Creamy Elegance

For creamy dips, cheese platters, or even a decadent macaroni and cheese, reach for a Chardonnay. The wine's buttery texture and oak influence harmonize with rich and creamy dishes, creating a luxurious pairing that will have your guests indulging in every bite. 

Profile 3 wine from BOXT with various snacks

The All-Rounder

Start with a crowd-pleaser like Pinot Grigio. Its crisp and refreshing profile makes it an ideal match for a variety of snacks. Pair it with classic buffalo chicken wings, fresh vegetable platters, and creamy spinach dip. The wine's acidity cuts through the richness, cleansing your palate for the next bite.

Versatility in Red

Transitioning to reds, Pinot Noir is a versatile choice. Its lighter body and red fruit notes pair well with grilled sausages, sliders, and even barbecue chicken. The subtle tannins won't overpower the flavors, creating a harmonious balance that will leave your taste buds cheering.

bowl of paella and two glasses of red wine

Spanish Flair

Bring some Spanish flair to your Super Bowl spread with Tempranillo. Its medium to full-bodied character pairs wonderfully with paella, chorizo-stuffed mushrooms, or even a well-spiced chili. The wine's earthy notes and moderate tannins create a dynamic combination.

Bold Flavors, Bold Wine

For heartier Super Bowl fare like steak or chili, opt for a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine's full-bodied nature and dark fruit undertones complement the richness of meat dishes. The tannins provide structure, making it a powerful pairing for bold flavors.

sheet pan of nachos

Spice It Up

When spice is on the menu, Zinfandel is your match. Its bold fruit flavors and peppery notes complement spicy wings, nachos with jalapeños, and chili con carne. Zinfandel's robust profile holds its own against intense flavors, making it a game day winner.

The Pink Celebration

For those who prefer a versatile and celebratory option, choose a well-chilled Rosé. Its crisp and dry profile makes it a great companion to a charcuterie board, bruschetta, or even a classic Caprese salad. The touch of elegance from the pink hues adds a festive element to your Super Bowl gathering.

Elevating your Super Bowl experience with the perfect wine pairings is a winning strategy. Whether you're a fan of whites, reds, or rosés, there's a wine that can enhance the flavors of your favorite game day treats. If you’re in Austin, we’ll even deliver your hand-crafted cheese and charcuterie board along with the wines of your choice, right to your door. Cheers to a touchdown-worthy celebration!



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